Vino del Passo
A bouquet of complex aromas of lemon, pepper muscat, pineapple, honey, peach, fine mountain hay and wild herbs. The wine is concentrated, mineral with a determined acidity, great power combined with a harmonic structure ending in a long finish. Excellent full-bodied wine aperitif. Pairing with white meat and well seasoned fish, shell fish and all salads. Also ideal with Asian dishes.
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Julian Orange
Julian Orange „ripens in the vineyard“ Lavardi and Kardatsch „in Kaltern at 450 to 500 m a.s.l. The vines grow on gravelly clay, infused with  limestone soil. A white wine fermented on the skins, Ripened in wood, aromatic, slightly tannic, full bodied and spicy. Very harmonious bouquet, elegant,  a soft and strong character. wine for special occasions. Recommended with appetizers, meat, fish and Asian cuisine. Julian Orange is an all rounder.
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This vine grows in a sandy lime and rounded granite stony soil. A high quality cuvèe which is matured for 2 years in oak barrels, then one year in the bottle. Unfiltered, garnet red and purple, a noble wine with great structure. Aromas reminiscent of currants, blueberries, blackberries and cedar wood. Feldherr reaches its ultimate velvet beauty after 5-6 years. Perfect with beef and game.
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