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Sweet Claire Quintessenz

Bronner, Piwi hyperbio quality
80 ql, at 460 m.a.s.l.

Serving temperature: 12° C
Aging potential: unlimited

The grapes are air dried in the winter then in March they are pressed. This process gives the wine a complex acidity which combines beautifully with sweet hints of quince, vanilla and honey arousing a delicious taste on the palate. Bright golden yellow in colour amber, oily. 300g of residual sugar. Best drunk alone or with dark bitter chocolate minimum 85% cacao.

Delivery time: 5 – 10 Workdays


Grape variety: Bronner These grapes have not been chemically sprayed.


Area requirements: Our Bronner grapes grow in our vineyard Lavardi and Kardatsch at 450 mt above sea level. The vines were planted in 2003


Yield: From each shoot we grow 2 small to medium grape clusters. To achieve optimal wine quality, we restrict the grape /vine load to 1,2 kg.


Maturity date and harvest: beginning to middle of September


Wine: Only every five to ten years do I manage to create a Quintessenz. Prior to the actual harvest the best and most mature grapes are selected. They are carefully placed in white food boxes where they dry out in the winter air. The climatic conditions necessary to achieve a quintessence are a dry and cold Autumn, Winter and Spring. During this process they lose about 85% of their weight. In February the grapes are pressed. From 2,000 kg of grapes we retain about 195 liters of highly concentrated nectar. The following fermentation process takes place over several months.


Alcohol: 7,53° – acidity 9,12 g/l – residual sugar 375,1 g/l


Bouquet: Rich, bright golden and yellow – a dream bouquet of lemon, peach and apricots. On the palate beautifully smooth like soft honey, an infinite finale reminds of orange peel, leaving behind an oily flowing essence as a lasting Impression.


Recommendation: to be enjoyed alone as a dessert meditation wine


Serving temperature: 12° C