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Lieselehof Brut

Souvignier gris, Piwi hyperbio quality
Planting year 2012
90 ql, at 250 m.a.s.l.

Serving temperature: 6–8° C

The vines grow in a profoundly gritty red clay soil. When the Lieselehof Brut cork pops, you feel elegant high heels clicking across a parquet floor – tingling with the finest pearly bubbles she steps towards you. A game of pure enjoyment with peach, lemon, and yeast. On the palate a delicious, rustling “frou-frou” silk on bare skin. Round in taste, she surprises with a dreamy finale which arouses a longing for more. This is an ideal gift for stylish and trendy gourmets. „Methode Lieselehof“. She never leaves you with a heavy head.