Planting year 1983
80 ql, at 500 m.a.s.l.

Serving temperature: 12–14° C
Aging potential: approximately 5 years

The vines grow in a clay limey soil which gives it a beautiful mineral bouquet. Our Weissburgunder is elegant, and has a beautiful integration of rich fruity flavours. It reminds you of pears, apples and hawthorn blossom with a lingering long finish on the palate. It is an excellent aperitif wine. An exquisite companion for white meat and fresh water fish.

Delivery time: 5 – 10 Workdays


Origin: This variety was first mentioned in 1400. The country of origin is Burgundy in France (Pinot Blanc). In Alto Adige about 500 hectares of Weissburgunder is cultivated.


Area requirement: Weissburgunder thrives best at 400 to 600 mt above sea level. Our Weissburgunder grows in our vineyard Kardatsch 500m above sea level. The early morning sunshine rays quickly dry out the evening dew from the grapes. This delays the harvest guaranteeing a most high sugar content of at least 18°KMW The vines were planted using the pergola- tendrils system in 1985 in a clay-limey soil, which enhances the wine with a beautiful mineral bouquet.


Growth: Moderate to strong


Yield: Our Weissburgunder grapes are medium in size and compact and produce 60 hectoliters per hectare.


Harvest: 2nd half of September


Most weight (sugar content): 18 ° to 19 °


Wine: Our Weissburgunder is an elegant beautifully integrated rich fruity flavored, mature white wine ending in a lingering long finish. Excellent aperitif wine.


Pairing: white meat and sweet water fish.


Serving temperature: 11 ° to 13 °