South Tyrolean Vine Museum

Wine and vines are my hobby. Collecting vines has always been fun. Set amidst vineyards Lieselehof presents a collection of over 350 different varieties of vines. Each one is labelled giving information regarding rootage, crossing partner and the country of origin. A guided tour gives the visitor an insight into the long journey from the vine`s floral crossing right through
to the finished wine in the bottle.

Guided tours

                                                                                    Please email for information

Group tours on request:, Tel: +39 366 9715216
Comfortable apartments availiable for your accomodation.

“My vines”

Werner Morandell born in 1954 in Bolzano lives with his family in Kaltern / Südtirol
This versatile and committed winemaker and author, works with great dedication and enjoyment in
his winery at Lieselehof.

His increasingly award winning wines are well known in the wine world. The pioneer Morandell had
the courage to plant fungus resistant varieties in large quantities and to renounce the use of pesticides
to produce pure and natural wines.

He is convinced that the use of pesticides in South Tyrolean vineyards is out dated and ineffectual.

One of his statements: “Most probably our children and grandchildren will shake their heads in
astonishment when they look back to the use of chemicals in vineyards.” (see preface from the book by
Dr Volker Jörger)

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